Having To Dry Wet Carpet Stains Can Be A Pain

You happen to be eating some chocolate and the piece slips out of your hand onto the ground. You remember the 5 second rule and speed-reach for it before the mites can contaminate the piece. Cant let your favourite chocolate go waste now, can you? Well, just for the record, the 5 second rule is a definite myth and so is the fact that regularly-cleaned carpets are mite-free. Scientific studies have proved that the U.S sees 43 million tons of dust settling over it and indoor air is believed to hold two times the amount of dust that the outdoors contain.

Close to 20,000 dust mites can happily live on a single ounce of carpet dust. If these facts dont make you chuck that piece of chocolate right into the bin, nothing else can. Dry, unclean carpets are a definite health hazard and carpet cleaning Sydney companies can help you maintain the carpets and rugs in your home in prime condition. Most homes, especially those in cold countries have wall-to-wall carpeting. They absorb sound and your home will seem less of an earthquake prone zone when your little devils thud around the house in war mode.
You install carpets all over the house and in the bargain also end up spending a large part of your weekend vacuuming them in an effort to maintain clean and fresh interiors. You end up stressing when kids overturn their milk mug accidentally or when a wine glass topples off the side table. Your worst carpet- nightmare has to be the one in which someone in your house leaves the bathtub water running and your bedroom ends up getting flooded. No matter how hard you try to get the water extracted and blow dry the carpet, one that has been heavily flooded will need expert attention.

Carpet cleaning Sydney will dry wet carpet areas and any wet rugs as well. Most well-established carpet cleaning companies will have a methodical approach to resolve such issues. In some cases it is not just the carpet that will have to be cleaned. The underlying padding and the sub-floor may also have been soaked-through and will need to be dried out completely. Some renter or home-owner insurance policies cover carpet-cleaning costs and you could check on that as well. The company that you hire for the job will assess the damage, gives you an estimate and once you approve it, will go ahead with the process.

In order to dry wet carpet it will be vacuumed with an industrial wet vac. These are very different from your home vacuum cleaners and it could be hazardous to use the latter on wet areas. This vacuuming process removes excess water from the carpet and the pad that is underneath. Additional cleaning and anti-stain processes will be followed to get the carpet cleaned and dried out. Stains will be treated, the carpet will be de-odorized and disinfected if necessary. Once the carpet has been cleaned out satisfactorily it will then be re-installed and you can literally breathe-easy once again.

Health Care Reform – Seen Through The Eyes Of The Typical American Citizen

The health care we receive here in the U.S. is bar none, among the best in the world. So why do we insist on calling this recent government attempt at takeover of our health care system a “Health Care Reform”. In fact what is reform? Well, most dictionary definitions are as follows: “To change to a better state, form, etc.; to improve by alteration, substitution, abolition, etc.”

Health care here in the United States, as we just stated, is without question among the best in the world, and this is easily identifiable simply be examining how many people from countries where there is government controlled health care, flee to the United States to receive better, more comprehensive. and more expeditious health care or treatments than they otherwise have access to in their home countries. These include Canada and European countries, where socialized medicine is the norm.

So, while the talk may be about health care reform, we submit that what the debate should be about is health care cost reform. Additionally, to insinuate that insurance companies are solely at fault for the rising health care costs is just absurd. Insurance is expensive because health care costs have spiraled out of control. Insurance companies make the payments, and in many cases they get the discounts, because of their pooled purchasing power.

Consequently, if we are to focus our discussions on healthcare costs, where the discussion should rightfully be focused, then we should fully examine and realize why the costs are constantly increasing, and doing so at a pace that exceeds inflation or income growth.

One major reason for these ever increasing healthcare costs is the ridiculous prices doctors must pay for their required malpractice insurance. Many want to blame the insurance companies for the high prices. However, before we persist in this line of thinking, we would do well to consider the law, and the frequency with which doctors are sued in court with nonsensical and or frivolous lawsuits. Most importantly, with these frivilous lawsuits comes a high price tag for their defense.

Defense costs for lawsuits are borne by the insurance companies providing medical malpractice insurance. Many people are believers in the need for legal or tort reform, so too does the author of this article believe in this need. Many people truly believe this tort reform would significantly reduce medical malpractice insurance costs, as well as overall medical costs.

Let us open up legal action against any lawyer who brings to bare a frivolous lawsuit and then let us see the real and legitimate claims which are made in courts, while frivilous suits and claims are opem to counter claims and counter suits. Were this the case, then the number of cases would likely drop significantly and the cost of malpractice insurance would likely plummet, as would health care costs, were these frivilous suits reduced.

For a minute, let us take a look at but one example of how this comes into play. Not long ago a man had an accident. While reaching down to remove a stick from near his lawn mower he lost two finger to the blade. He received many (nearly 30) calls from legal professionals urging him to sue the doctors for the loss of his fingers. The silly thing is, the doctors and hospital did their best to save his fingers from his own stupidity. Yet even after re-attachment they were unable to help or to save the fingers. Still, even if the case is completely frivolous, legal professionals were urging him to sue the doctors and hospital for not saving his fingers. It was absolutely crazy, I know, the man was my father in law.

When suits like this are initiated the insurance companies have to hire or pay their lawyers to defend the doctors in these law suits, and the never ending circle of legal chicanery continues in perpituity. The lawyers have us all caught in a no win situation. They sue doctors and file frivolous suits, then they demand that people have rights to file these suits in order to protect themselves. Certainly no one would argue that people have such rights, in fact they do and should, but only in real cases. Not cases initiated simply to acquire money, and argued with a paid expert, paid witnesses, paid examining physicians, and sometimes plaintiffs who are simply lying.

Filing so many frivolous suits and so frequently, the legal profession has become a major contributing factor to the exceptionally high malpractice insurance fees that doctors have to pay. Thirty years ago if I wanted to see my doctor, he would show up at my home and charge me a fair price to see me. Now I cannot see him or her without first having insurance. I is absurd.

So we say, let’s start this medical cost reform with a healthy dose of tort reform. Let’s have recourse on attorneys who file frivolous suits, let’s have tort reform where doctors can sue attorneys for any lawsuit they file which the attorney loses and where the doctor was found to have committed no wrongdoing or malpractice. Certainly if the initiated suit discredits the doctor or puts them through unnecessary legal action, then the initiating attorney should be held accountable. Let’s start there and see how dramatically these frivolous suits drop off.

As for the next aspect of rising health care costs, the problem comes when the public and/or certain organizations that assist the public, abuse the system. You may ask; How does this happen? Let’s take a look at real life example of this. Sleep Apnea is a sleep disorder characterized by pauses in breathing during sleep. Each episode, called an apnea, lasts long enough so that one or more breaths are missed, and such episodes occur repeatedly throughout sleep. The standard definition of any apneic event includes a minimum 10 second interval between breaths, with either a neurological arousal (a 3-second or greater shift in EEG frequency), a blood oxygen desaturation of 3-4% or greater, or both arousal and desaturation. Sleep apnea is diagnosed with an overnight sleep test called a polysomnogram, or a “sleep study”. This condition can lead to high blood pressure, heart problems and conditions, and in extreme cases even death.

Treatments include wearing a mask conencted to a machine (Called a CPAP machine) which blows air through the nose or nose and mouth thereby maintaining an open airway and eliminating the apnea’s. The CPAP machine, mask, and accessories can cost from a few hundred dollars to a couple thousand dollars. When one is diagnosed with sleep apnea and a CPAP prescribed, one’s insurance may cover the cost of the machine and accessories. However, in many instances the insurance companies are forced to significanlty overpay for these devices for their insured individuals. The reason is that many of the suppliers also sell this equipment to medicare or medicaid patients. In doing so, they charge them the maximum allowed for a machine by those programs. Still, the program rules are that if they sell to medicare or medicaid patients at a specific price, then they are not allowed to sell at a lower price to others, else they risk losing their ability to provide to medicare or medicaid patients.

This author has sleep apnea and found a machine from a supplier for a price of $400. But the insurance company would only pay for the prescribed machine if it were delivered through a home health care company. Because the home health care company also provided to medicare and medicaid patients, they could not sell the machine to me or my insurance company at a fair price, they delivered the machine to me, but at a cost to my insurance company of $1200, the same as they charge their medicare or medicaid patients. Thus my insurance company, because of regulations, laws, and government intervention into private healthcare, was forced to pay 200% more for my CPAP machine, than it could have or should have otherwise paid. This is abuse of the system by companies that provide services to medicare and medicaid, it is not high insurance cost, it is not high medical cost, and it is not the fault of anything other than abuse of the system and government intervention into private healthcare. It is waste, it is cheating, and it harms us all in the form of higher medical and insurance costs. The abuse, cheating, and waste is the problem that needs to be addressed, not the insurance or the care.

Next, let’s examine and understand medical insurance in general. Insurance is not meant to pay all medical bills all the time. If we can all agree on this then we can at least begin to understand this portion of the problem. Insurance, sold and used correctly, is for catastrophic illness or medical mishaps, not for every little medical issue that arises. Just like auto insurance is for when you have a car accident, not to pay for your gas, oil changes, brake repair, broken headlight, muffler problems, etc…

So too is health insurance for issues like cancer, heart attacks, strokes, broken bones, sever diseases, emergencies, surgeries, etc… it is in essence the same as auto insurance or home owners insurance. It is meant to be there when you have a major medical issues. It is not meant to cover every office visit, cold, cut, scrape, shot, vaccine, medication, or hangnail you may encounter in life. If you insure everything then you better expect it to cost a lot. So why pay the extra $75 per month in premiums for an extra $1000 in office visit coverage. Why pay the extra $500 per year to reduce the co-pay on perscriptions from $25 down to $10 or $15. Just pay the $75 or $100 office visit charge and just take the prescription discount offered and pay for your own prescriptions at a nice discount (often 50% or more). Chances are you will not be in the doctors office 10 times or more per year anyway and chances are the amount of prescription medication you will need will not make up for the $500 extra you pay for the coverage. If you have issues and are in the doctors office 10 or more times per year or if you have lots of expensive prescriptions, then you likely have other more major issues that your insurance will cover. Just insure the major things, after all, these are what insurance was originally designed for and to protect against.

Finally, we should all understand that healthcare insurance or the care itself is not a right, it is a privilege of those who work hard and acquire health care or healthcare insurance for themselves and their families. Just because you work hard, educate yourself, get a great paying job or run your own business, and you can afford to drive a Corvette, does not mean that someone else should have or be given a corvette by the government or any car for that matter at the expense of another person (ex. the taxpaying public).

The same is true of health care. A corvette is not a right, nowhere in our constitution does it state that we have the right to life liberty and a Corvette. Nor does it state we have the right to life liberty and government provided healthcare or government healthcare insurance. These are privileges we earn through hard work.

We can probably all agree to provide for or help those who cannot care for themselves, for example those who are physically or mentally handicapped or otherwise disabled and who simply cannot provide for themselves, we may even agree as a society to provide for those who defend our freedoms and fight for us in war (ex. Military veterans), or even possibly our senior citizens to a certain extent. Certainly, on a smaller scale states or local communities can decide to implement programs for these individuals or situations, but we do not all agree that healthcare is a right to be afforded to everyone and that should forcibly be funded at the federal level by those who work hard.

In addition we do not all agree that those who work hard or earn more should give to everyone else through a government run and MANDATED programs. This is simply absurd and not what America is all about, nor is it what made America great. In fact it is taking or taxing those who work hard or earn more to provide for others who may not is stealing. It is akin to Robin Hood, stealing from the rich to give to the poor. It’s if justified by creating crises or playing on peoples emotions or pain points.

Frankly, many people do not believe that government involvement in health care would be beneficial for individuals, health care professionals, the relationships between them, or the quality and quantity of timely care that patients would receive. The fact remains, there is absolutely no program that the government is running, or has ever run, that has been on budget, reduces costs, and which impels us to trust the government to run or manage such a huge portion of our economy and private lives as health care.

Many, if not most Americans believe that government has no business in our health care. Many Americans recognize that government intervention will lead to rationing or procedures and care, higher taxes, potentially no cost savings, all the while leading us down a path towards socialism. Without question it will lead to larger and larger government which is exactly what our founding fathers wanted to prevent.

In conclusion, this health care debacle is nothing more than a direct usurpation of freedoms by an ever expanding and growing government. That in itself is dangerous. The elite would love to hand down their seats in the congress to their children and have special privileges, special insurance and medical care, and force “we the people” into dependency on government from cradle to grave, and into government run programs. We urge you, don’t allow it folks. This is exactly what our founding fathers feared with a large and growing government. It is the reason the United States of America fought for its independence to overthrow the oppressive rule of England, the high taxation without representation, and the insane policies of King George at the time of succession.

We are now approaching the same type of situation that we faced when the United States declared its independence from the King of England. The Obama administration and radical leftist politicians are about to really incite the masses here in the United States. Beware! You are about to awaken the sleeping giant in the form of the American people and their values. Freedom is a powerful virtue which people do not take lightly. When usurpation begins to infringe on freedoms and liberties people become active. This is why we are seeing tea parties, marches, and masses beginning to revolt. As soon as the people recognize that some politicians are trying to infringe on their freedoms or take some away from them, they will fight to the death to save it.

Health care reform may lead down a path towards revolution, and not in a good way!

Missing Shingles And Your Home

This relates to any sort of roof service that needs replacement associated with a small section of roofing that will is losing shingles. There tend to be numerous reasons that will gusts of wind can easily blow off tiles off of the house. 1 will be incorrect installs, usually due to poor positioning of the fasteners holding the shingles. Lost shingles may even end up because of to the seal breakdown with any shingle. Or perhaps this could sometimes end up being owing to gusts of wind in excess of the particular roofing material manufacturer warranty of this shingle.

When we all locate any roof which unfortunately has a number of tiles missing and we have not got adverse gusts of wind in excess of sixty mph, we basically remove and replace the particular lost and affected shingles.

We very carefully get rid of the ruined tiles which remain. We next reinstall fresh shingles matching the color plus pattern as meticulously as possible along with thoroughly nailing all of them per manufacturers requirements. Next we make use of roof cement in the layers of shingle in order to make sure that the older tiles stick to the newer tiles. We additionally utilize roof caulk to tiles near the damaged roofing. We carefully clean up any existing job associated debris when we the repair is finished.

Just one caveat about roofing that has sustained this specific manner of damage is that several other tiles could possibly blow away in some other spots in the future. There is certainly not any adequate way to predict or eliminate this and it may perhaps possibly not even come about.

It might possibly be complicated to match up the present shingles to the brand new ones mainly because of age together with fading. In the event that you actually have shingles remaining from whenever the roofing was redone that may possibly help.

Our recommendation is that if you have got had a pair of events involving shingle blow off you might give some thought to replacing the roof the roof. It is pretty important to note that whenever anyone have suffered a wind exceeding 60 mph. your house should get inspected completely for roofing damage. It may possibly also need to have replacement and would probably end up being protected as al claim for your home-owners insurance.

You might want to keep in mind to inspect at each and every portion of the roof sometimes mainly because missing roofing material may perhaps not bring about a roof leak now, yet will as the roof decking deteriorates.

In case you notice a number of missing shingles on your neighbors house you may perhaps need to point out this to them as various areas of their particular roof may possibly end up being a good deal more apparent because of one’s own vantage point when compared with theirs. We can certainly change out any lost roofing shingles you may have. We also stock discontinued types and colors only just for blown off shingle repairs.

SAS Fire and Security Glasgow – Ultimate solution for home security

Everyone wants to live stress free and peaceful life. Fire and security alarm offered by security companies help us to live it comfortably. Fire and security systems are now essential part of home security especially when you are not usually remaining at home. Yes this by having this security alarms you can monitor your home and protect your family. And security systems are the best thing to deal with burglary.

Security alarm companies provide services for monitoring your home and also alert you if your security alarm is off. Once you install security alarm system, you can easily rely on monitoring system of your security alarm provider. Yes it is very necessary to find a company which is provides service.

What are important benefits for fire and security alarms systems?

Basic, big and main advantage of fire and security alarm system is that it protects you, your family and your asset from burglary and any major causality because of accident happen at your home. After all security is very important factory. Also if you have a robust fire and security system then you can save your homeowners insurance money.

With the use of Security alarm system now risk become very law for burglary but monitoring system will prevent even 1% of chance of burglary. Thus an active security alarm monitoring system at your home will send off siren and burglars will send off. This fire and security system will alert monitoring station and also alert the home monitoring station and they will immediately inform the concerned authorities to check out your home.

What is importance of fire and security alarm?

To protect your home from fire mostly used, tried and tested method is to have efficient fire and security alarm system installed in home. Secured and efficient fire and security system can save many lives which is always more worthy then money. Government is always keen to protect public building with fire protection and security system, but as a human being we are many time ignoring it for our home itself. Having fire alarms can make your life more peaceful.

Fire alarm senses heat and smoke check temperature of the heat and smoke is increased then specified dangerous level alarm start on fire siren. This siren is enough to wake up any one who is sleeping or your neighbor.

Can anyone imagine not having the fire and security alarm around?

United Kingdom is still suffering form a lot of fire tragic accident. In the country like United Kingdom with high educated super power capacity fire tragic accident can be really avoided and to resolve this kind of government of UK has allowed commercial company to provider fire security systems. This has led to businesses investing a lot on fire safety: the best equipment, training and advice that money can buy.

SAS Fire and Security Ltd is UKs no 1 home security companies. SAS Fire and Security SAS Fire and Security Systems ltd offer high performance solution for residential and commercial premises to suit your need. They offer SAS fire and security services from intruder alarm to CCTV. SAS Fire and Security Systems are designed to fully protect family, home and commercial properties. SAS fire & Security offers a various security packages to suit budget and requirement according to your properties.

The First 48 After A Flood

Flood damage to a home can occur with a natural hazard or via a broken water main, and in either case, emergency procedures should be put into effect immediately within the first 48 hours. Most home owner’s insurance policies will cover the property for flood damage, however, the home owner is responsible for taking the necessary clean-up steps and making sure the insurance paperwork is in order. In the event of a flood disaster, be sure to keep your recovery checklist handy:

1. Inspect the property for structural damage that could pose a threat to life or limb before entering the home. This includes a partial roof collapse, washed away foundational blocks, and anything else that could render the structure unstable.

2. Contact your electrical, gas and sewage providers to shut off services if the water damage is deemed critical and may interfere with the circuits.

3. Inspect your home during daylight hours only, and use a flashlight rather than the electrical system.

4. Discard all food items, shelved or refrigerated, as they will be contaminated by flood and sewage water.

5. Remove all porous items to mitigate the onset of mold. This includes all carpets, bedding, curtains, clothing, furnishings, etc. Mold can take root within the first 24 to 48 hours, and once it sets in under the floor boards, the house will be off limits for habitation.

6. Contact your insurance provider immediately. Your carrier will need to have a photographic record of the damage, so be sure to get photos of every room at multiple angles. Close-up are helpful for the insurance agents to scrutinize your case, so be sure to zero in on the walls to record the height of the flood waters. The more detailed and accurate your photos are, the faster and more proficiently your case will be handled. In addition, be sure to capture the images in a 360 degree scope of the exterior of the property.

7. If the flood damage was caused by a natural disaster, your insurance provider will put you in touch with FEMA, which may grant you some emergency funding.

8. If your home is not habitable, be sure to remove your most valued items from the property. Simply securing the locks on the doors does not provide adequate protection from looters in a time of regional crisis. Round up your photo albums, keepsakes and high ticket merchandise to protect yourself from theft.

9. When it’s time to put your house back in order, use the help of professionals to inspect and repair as necessary. Expert advise is crucial in a disaster situation, as the mixing of some cleaning solutions may prove toxic when exposed to chemical residue after a flood. Homeowners should refrain from using bleach and amonia when scrubbing down walls and floors, as this may produce a deadly cocktail of fumes. Companies that specialize in disaster recovery are trained to detect chemical toxins, and therefore, should be in charge of the initial clean-up.

10. Be sure your property has been inspected for mold and that you have a green light to re-enter the home with people and pets.